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Laminate flooring is an inexpensive substitute for wood flooring that creates an appearance of real wood. You can place laminate flooring in almost every room of the house; living rooms, hallways, dining areas, bedrooms, anywhere that is not subject to excessive moisture. As long as you are quick at cleaning up spills, laminate flooring can also work in kitchens.

💡Note that there are now waterproof laminates available. Give Pattie a call for details.

Laminate is ideal for active areas with kids and pets play. It is resistant to scratches and easy to clean. When moisture comes in contact with laminate, it may cause your flooring to swell. Not recommended for bathrooms, entries or laundry rooms.

Texture Options for Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring comes in many different textures: smooth, handscraped, wire brushed, embossed, oiled wood and traditional wood texture. Each texture brings a unique look and feel to the room.

  • Smooth laminate flooring has an almost textureless finish that mimics natural hardwood floors. You can choose between levels of gloss and matte finishes. If you choose a standard finish, your flooring will have a shiny appearance, with the grain will be more visible in the sunlight. On the contrary, a satin finishe refracts light resulting in a more matte appearance.
  • Handscraped laminate adds an antiqued look and feel to your flooring as the knots and grains mimic a natural wood floor. You can find handscraped laminate in many different colours, patterns, grains and designs.
  • Embossed laminate flooring has grooves and ridges that give a wood grain texture to the flooring.


Laminate Product Catalogues

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What Kind of Maintenance does Laminate Flooring Require?

Laminate flooring is low maintenance. Simply sweep as needed and use a dry mop or other laminate-friendly cleaning solution to keep your floor looking sharp. Note that you should not use a wet mop, as this could result in moisture seeping in-between the flooring planks and cause the laminate to swell or warp. Immediately dry and clean up spills or splashes on your laminate floors, even if the flooring is water-resistant.

Flooring Visualizers

A flooring visualizer can help you preview different flooring styles from a photo of your room, or you can use a sample room. Try it out! You can click the J at top of your screen to come back here.