Linoleum Flooring and When to Consider Choosing It

Modern linoleum stands out as durable, eco-friendly flooring made with renewable materials. It is 100% biodegradable, non-flammable, low-maintenance, stain-resistant, and anti-static. It is also water-resistant.


Linoleum is an excellent, inexpensive material for high-use commercial areas, especially hospitals and schools.  If well taken care of, your lino flooring can last for decades, 30 to 40 years. It can be found in a wide variety of modern colours, patterns, and styles. You can also purchase vintage linoleum if you’re looking to give your area a more retro feel.

Types of Linoleum to Choose From

Types of Linoleum to Choose From

Sheet Linoleum

By far the most popular type of linoleum, providing the largest selection of patterns and colours. The colours are durable and resist fading over multiple years. This type of linoleum comes in heavy, bulky rolls and requires a very detailed and complex installation.

Linoleum Tile

An affordable alternative to stone and ceramic tiles. Its organic nature allows for eco-friendly use in hospitals, nursing homes or areas needing an anti-allergen environment.

Floating Linoleum

Considered the best choice for those do-it-yourself projects of redoing the kitchen floor. They feature the click-lock system where planks or tiles literally click and lock together, requires no adhesive.

Styles of Linoleum to Choose From

There are a few style options to take into consideration before making your choice of linoleum.

Solid–coloured linoleum

Available in a wide assortment of colours. During manufacturing, the colour is applied thoroughly throughout the linoleum, which reduces the risk of colour fading.

Marble linoleum

Designed to give you that elegant, sophisticated look of marble at a low price.

Flecked linoleum

Features tiny flecks of colour. This results in a floor that seems to sparkle.

Patterned linoleum

Available in a wide selection of patterns that range in colour and size.

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