Warranty Information for Your New

At Lakeland Fine Floors, we stand behind our installation expertise with a 2-year warranty. Get long-term peace of mind with our installation warranty. Our warranty takes care of issues with your new floor that result from installation and repair work.

You will also find that every single product Lakeland Fine Floors offers has it’s own warranty, which you can find stamped on the back of the store’s samples. Any questions about our warranties, contact Pattie at Lakeland Fine Floors in Bonnyville today!

What is Included in our Installation Warranty?

Included in Workmanship Warranty

  • Repair or remaking of seams or gaps
  • Removal of air bubbles
  • Repair/restretching of transitions
  • Other defficiencies related to installation

Things that are Not Included in Workmanship Warranty

  • Scratches or gauges that were not caused by our installers
  • Damages caused by insects or rodents
  • Damage from foot traffic with hard soled footware
  • Damage or early ware from insufficient care of your flooring
  • Sunlight damage is not covered by installation warranty (in some cases may be covered by manufacturer)

Please note that this information is intended to provide a general guide of what is covered and not covered by our installation warranty. For more complete details, please visit us at the store.

Product Materials Warranty

Warranty for your new flooring material will vary. Each manufacturer includes a warranty with their products. In most cases different products from the same manufacturer have unique warranty included. The best way to learn about warranty for any particular type of flooring you’re interested in is to chat with Pattie at the store.